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  • Forget Stress, Experience Calm

MELTS - You Deserve to Feel Good

Forget Stress, Experience Calm

Stressed? Anxious? Fatigued?

At MELTS Infusions, our mission is to provide an amazing alternate to the use of addictive pills and drugs for soothing your anxiety, stress and fatigue levels. The herbs used in our products will provide your body with an experience you’ve never felt before.



As someone who has dealt with anxiety for years, the Founder of MELTS Infusions, Sanaz Bahrami, has created these genius blends to relieve stress. These herbal blends will not only spring new life into your days but also relax your anxiety and make your body feel so calm its as if it's melting!


MELTS Herbal Infusions products ‘Uplift’ and ‘Unwind’ are made with 100% Pure MCT Oil and our personally selected natural herb blends. The ingredients not only soothe your anxiety and relieve your stress, but also rejuvenate energy and uplift your mood. Start your morning right with our uplift formula or end your night with our unwind.


What People Are Saying?

"I really enjoyed the products! The unwind was perfect for after those long work days of lifting and grinding. It really took that edge off to put me in a relaxed state during my down time at home. Im not big on coffee so the uplift helps me a lot in the morning for a kick to get my day started!"

DJ Reader (Cincinnati Bengals NFL )

"Really enjoy the night one for helping me sleep soundly through the night even through some of my more stressful times like moving last week. And I don’t notice the day time one as much because I drink coffee, but I’ve found it helps on days when I feel a little bit groggy or sore from tough training just to get back into a more alert space"

Shanice Marcelle (Team Canada Volleyball)

“I had back spasms and took some of the night oil. It definitely helped me relax. I was taking 0.5ml and ended up doubling the dosage but its been helping me especially with sleep. “

Torrey Craig (Denver Nuggets NBA)

"My blue bottle for the snooze. My pink for relaxing and focus, I'm on the pink heavy"

Landon Collins (Washington Football Team NFL)

"Good morning good morning good morning, thank you thank you thank you, I wanna tell you your product is gonna be the sh*t. It was so actually good! I love the oils big time!”

Greivis Vasquez (NBA G league coach/ former NBA star)

"Blue bottle is my fav cause it makes me extra melo. I'm already a melo person but the blue gives me those great relaxing vibes I need after a long day.

The pink gets me going and focused. I felt like I was always on alert"

Ryan Smith (Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL)

“the day oil work like a mf. It give good vibes, I be feeling like I’m on a cloud after my workouts.”

Winston Rose (Cincinnati Bengals NFL)

“the oils had me very very relaxed as if I was on a muscle relaxant or sumn. I was able to breath better and had a more soothing feeling in my body head to toe, great taste, and awesome for a long day doesn’t matter morning afternoon or night. This oil has me in the best feeling ever every time”

Drebo Squeeze (Rapper signed with Zoogang Recordz)

“MELTS night oil made me feel very relaxed, and made my entire body feel like it was melting. To be able to get that feeling from all natural herbs makes this product second to none; I will definitely add this to my everyday schedule”

Jamil Smith (CFL athlete/ NBA & NFL trainer)


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What Makes Our Oil Infusions So Unique

Adaptogens, Healing Herbs and 100% Pure MCT Oil


MELTS Herbal Infusions contain a proprietary blend of all-natural herbal extracts that have been hand-selected to help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. The herbs in these infusions have been used in holistic medicine for centuries. They help our bodies adapt and better manage emotional, physical, and environmental stress. They have also been praised for their strong anti-inflammatory properties, which help increase our ability to combat the effects of injury, infection, and tissue fatigue. 


Learn More about our Special Ingredient ‘100% Pure MCT Oil’ Inside